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We can take care of all your carpet cleaning needs.  From regular carpet cleaning services to stains and pet accidents, we can help!

About Us

As a locally owned provider of carpet cleaning services, we take pride in offering the best cleaning services and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Exceptional training and carpet cleaning equipment allows us to provide exceptional results.

Our Pricing 

American Value Carpet Cleaning is now offering a "3 Rooms for Only $79*" Special.  Print out the coupon, or simply mention the offer, and you will receive this great deal, as well as a superior cleaning using top of the line truck mounted equipment. 

3 Rooms for 79* Details - The cost of $79 is to clean up to 900 Sq Ft.  A reasonable additional fee will be charged for square footage above 900 Sq. Ft.

Area Rugs - American Value Carpet Cleaning can also clean area rugs for a nominal fee.  Fees range between $15-$30 for a normal sized area rug (8x6 - 10x8). Additional fees may apply to oversized area rugs.

Scotch Guard - Want to protect your carpet cleaning investment?  Scotch Guard can be applied for an additional fee and will help protect your carpet from future stains.  The cost for our Scotch Guard services are $20 per room (one room up to 300 Sq. Ft.) or $49 for up to 3 rooms (900 Sq. Ft.). 

* Mileage Surcharge - American Value Carpet Cleaning serves the Lake, Marion, and Sumter County area; however, there are certain areas that may result in a $10 or $20 mileage surcharge.  While American Value Carpet Cleaning must charge this surcharge to cover expenses, customers will quickly realize that the price is still competitive with our top competitors.  See the "Our Competitors" section below for comparison.

Our Competitors

You may be wondering...how does American Value Carpet Cleaning compare to local competitors?  The answer is simple.  With our company, you receive a quality carpet cleaning job completed by a locally owned family business that offers competitive prices! 

Competitor #1:

Competitor #1 offers 3 rooms for $99.  It's easy to see that customers will save at least $20 by hiring American Value Carpet Cleaning.  That leaves customers enough money left over to have those area rugs cleaned by our company for the same total cost out-of-pocket as they would have spent for the 3 rooms alone with our competitor.

Competitor #2:

Competitor #2 offers 3 rooms for $72.  But customers may be surprised to learn that price only covers 450 Sq. Ft.  American Value Carpet Cleaning customers can have 900 Sq. Ft. cleaned for only $79!  There really is no competition there!

Competitor #3:

Competitor #3 offers 5 rooms for $175.  Wow...that's a lot!  American Value Carpet Cleaning offers 3 rooms for $79 up to 900 Sq. Ft.  Even if you add 2 additional rooms, which on average costs an additional $15-$20 per room, you still would only pay approximately $119 when hiring American Value Carpet Cleaning.  That's a huge savings!

Competitor #4

Competitor #4 offers 2 rooms for $69.  Why not pay $10 more and have your whole house cleaned?  

3 Rooms for Only $79

Let us take care of all your carpet cleaning needs!  Call or text us at 352-553-3062.